Mission to San Diego's Homeless and Poor since 1924

God's Extended Hand is a place of evangelical ministry aimed at showing the homless population of San Diego the Love of God. We endeavor to do this by providing a gathering place where they can come and experience a sit down restaurant style meal in a peace filled Christ focused environment. All meals and services are offered free and without any charge on a first come first served basis. This is a place where hatred and anger is left outside and the word of God is given with each meal to encourage and offer hope. All of our staff are volunteer Christians surrendered to serving Christ. Most have had a homeless experience in the past. Our ministerial volunteers come from all evangelical denominations as co-participants and fellow servants in making this a work for the glory of God. God's Extended Hand is a mission, opportunity, and venue for the greater church body of San Diego to share our blessings with the needy and poor.

We pray that as you look over our web site and become familiar with the Lord's missional work here, that God would stir in your heart to join with us, as we endeavor to be and show Christ's love and His extended hand of grace to the needy of San Diego. Come join us to eat, be served, serve, and be filled! 

SERVICES:   Sunday     Monday     Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday    Friday    Saturday

Breakfast        None       8:00 AM      8:00 AM      CLOSED         8:00 AM     8:00 AM    8:00 AM

Dinner             3:00PM   5:00 PM      5:00PM       5:00PM        5:00 PM     5:00 PM    3:00 PM

GOD'S EXTENDED HAND - DOWNTOWN SAN DIEGO : corner of 16th St. and Island Ave.

God's Extended Hand, 1625 Island Ave. , San Diego, CA  92101

Phone (619) 237-0079

e-mail : contact@godsextendedhand.com    (click to send us e-mail)