Ways to Help:


  • Help us with a meal service. Our vision for God's Extended Hand is that it be a place where the local church would come and minister to the poor and homeless. Please talk with your pastor and come with a group to assist (as you are able) one of our twice daily meal services.


  • Please join our prayers for the needy, the homeless, the disenfranchised and frequently unloved homeless with all that they struggle with. Please pray for His servants who minister here, that they would continue to be Spirit led and sensitive to his Spirit in each unique circumstance and moment to demonstrate the love of God and the hope we have in Christ Jesus. 

   Financial Donor:

  • Commit to making a financial contribution to God's Extended Hand. We are intentional in relying solely upon church and individual congregants as the source of meeting our financial obligations. God's Extended Hand neither solicits nor receives any government moneys (federal, state, or city). We are strictly a work by and for God.  God's Extended Hand is incorporated as a 501-c3 charity - faith based organization. As such, your gift may be tax deductible.  All money received by the mission are used by the mission for it's operations in support of the homeless. No money is paid toward salaries and all who serve here (staff, pastor, et-al), serve as a free will offering to the Lord. Donations in the form of checks and money orders can be made payable to "God's Extended Hand" and mailed to our address at ;                 1625 Island Ave.,   San Diego, CA    92101

   Goods Donor:

  • Since our ministry is primarily oriented around feeding the homeless, one of the best ways you can help is by donating food, cleaning supplies, clothing, blankets, and hygiene products. Our donation receiving door is always attended every day and is the black side door with the mosaic all around it  on the 16th & Island Ave. corner building. Please ring the door bell next to the bulletin box for assistance.