God's Extended Hand was initially established in 1924 as the "Full Gospel Mission" by Maud Blackstone on lower 5th Avenue. Mrs. Blackstone ran the mission until 1954, after which time she turned it over to Winifred Smith.  Winifred  (affectionately known as "Sister Winnie") ran the mission for fifty years until 2003 when at age 81 ill health hospitalized her.  Though she came to San Diego as a broken women in her mid-20's, it was at this old mission on 5th Ave. that she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior and served the Lord here at this mission for the rest of her life. Sister Winnie renamed the mission to "God's Extended Hand to acknowledge who was in charge of the work.

Mayor Susan Golding proclaimed June 18th 2003 as "Sister Winnie Day" in recognition and appreciation of her dedication in serving the needy people of San Diego. Winnie repeatedly expressed that the Lord's mandate given to her was to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to feed and cloth the poor. She never added to, or subtracted from it, and kept the work simple and unencumbered. The mission gained some public exposure through her radio broadcasts which aired daily from 1963-1966. The mission has always been a non-profit work for God, supported by individuals and community churches.

In 2003 Sister Winnie named Raymond Zeher to her position as Senior Pastor and President of the board. Brother Ray resigned his position due to health in 2005.  Current Pastor/President, Rev. Curtis Bernstein has served since 2005.