( Please check back regularly to see what new things God is doing at HIS mission.)

Latest news as of July 3, 2009

NEW FLOORING DONE !   Many years ago someone layed carpet down in our sanctuary dining room. Over the ensueing years, it had worn out and discolored to dirty dark brown. Using left over donated tiles (augmented with some purchased - Thank you Home Depot for giving us a great discount), the staff with the aid of a few homeless patrons and about 20 high school youth on a mission trip out here from a Baptist church in Arkansas (who pulled up the old carpet), we now have a new bright shining ceramic tile floor. You can see the operation in the photo's below.

   Arkansas Students pulling up old carpet,    then Jack Hammering up 2 layers of old tiles 

   Removing the bump which was the bar's old floor safe.   Laying and grouting the new tile.

     Fininishing up !      Start to finish in 4 days !    Completed (before tables and chairs replaced)

          Old Floor with brown worn carpet                   New Floor with ceramic tiles completed


MOSAIC DONE !   Four years in the making, the mosaic adorning both sides of God's Extended Hand is now completed. Come see and admire what God can do with little broken pieces of pottery and the willing heart and hands of artist Jermey Wright with others.


IMPORTANT NEWS NOTE: We are now posting on the web site here our monthly church ministering schedule. Go to the "  SERVICES  " page to see it. 

A Few Quick Facts:

  • Last year (2008) we served over 84,000 meals; Praise God ! and thank you donors !
  • From your financial assistance, the mission operates on a total budget of just a little over $100,000 (total expenses) while providing all services at no charge.
  • The mission provides year-round no cost lodging for 15+ men.
  • Last winter we sheltered over 250 homeless individuals (including women, children, and mothers with babies) who couldn't find any other shelter (thanks for the cot's and sleeping bags).

Request for Help:


  • Praise the Lord! Our issue with the stairs has been resolved and repairs completed.
  • We received permission from the city to install 2 potapoties for public use 24/7. They are in place and are in constant use requiring 3 times a week servicing (validating the huge need for such provison in our nieghborhood. The city has yet to accept financial responsibility for the continuation of this demonstration project (as they orignally agreed they would). Please contact Supervisor Kevin Faulconer's office and urge him to support this project before the private funding is exhausted (see orignal note on this below here).

    New Projects:

        David Ross with Congressman Bob Filner

    David Ross (AKA "The Water Man") along with Pastor Gerry Limpic and Bill Sharp have incorporated a new non-profit foundation to promote the needs of the homeless in downtown San Diego. God's Extended Hand is pleased to have been asked to help with their inaugural project, which hopes to provide 24 hour access to drinking water and        porti-poti bathrooms. Upon obtaining city approval we hope to station 2 - 3 restrooms in the alcove area between our buildings. This would be a temporary installation until a permanent public restroom facility could be built somewhere in the nearby neighborhood. The homeless are currently routinely cited for defecating in public, but have absolutely no alternative (beside the common decency of having someplace to take care of this basic need). Unlike most people, a homeless person usually is unwelcome to use facilities in stores and business (which might be our otherwise alternative when we're faced with similar pressing need). Additionally their have been deaths on record due to the homeless experiencing sever dehydration.  Please contact Supervisor Kevin Faulconer's office (202 C Street #10A, San Diego, CA 92101) and urge Him to support this project.     see www.helpthewaterman.com for more information.  


    CHRISTMAS 2008 AT GOD'S EXTENDED HAND ( in a few pictures )

    Displte the harsh cold wind and rain we served nearly 200 people Christmas and our "Celebrate Jesus's Birthday Banquet" supported and participate in by serveral churches and individuals on Christmas Day. A very special thanks to the Dyson's and their chruch, New Life Church in Spring Valley, who took charge of the meal, and also the many who brought toys, sleeping bags, gloves, hand knitted scarves for Christmas presents for all.

  • 2008/2009 EMERGENCY SHELTER  Our emergency shelter has been up and running since the weather turned cold and rainy in mid October. This year we are experiencing a far greater need for this service with many more women and children then last year.