Thank you for considering a donation to the mission. Donations made via this web site are processed through Pay Pal which accepts all major credit cards. Pay Pal will provide you with the opportunity to print a recipt and additionally, God's Extended Hand sends a yearly donation statement (which can also be used for tax deduction purposes) at the begining of each calendar year (just before tax season - for your convience). Please feel free to contact us at (858) 952-2279 if you have any concerns or questions regarding finanical donations.

Financial donations are an important component to the overall function of God's Extended Hand Mission. Service wise, we are fundamentally a restaurant that gives free meals. As with any restaurant there are a lot of costs associated with maintaining a facility to do this, and unlike any other restaurant, since we give out everything for free, we can't pay the bills from "profits".  Some of the bills we see each month include gas & electricity ($1,200), trash pickup ($600), mortgage ($2,200), water (S600), vechicle costs for donation pickups ($300), supplies ($600), and fees taxes & other ($300), as well as the constant costs of maintenace to keep these old buildings (built in 1875) up and running. Yes, we really need your financial support !  We do our very best to be frugal and exercise good stewartship with the financial blessings we receive - though you. Praise God ! and may He continue to bless you ao that you can continue to bless others in His wonderful name.

SWIM FOR HOPE DONATIONS:  All SWIM FOR HOPE designated donations can be made via the PayPal link here. All new donors making a donation via this link here at this time are considered as a "designated donation made thru and for "SWIM FOR HOPE".

REGULAR AND PREVIOUS DONORS; not making a donation via SWIM FOR HOPE should continue to use the below link. Your donation will not be accounted to SWIM FOR HOPE.

NEW DONORS; not donating thru SWIM FOR HOPE should contact God's Extended Hand when making a donation via the below link (at this time). Please contact the mission directly via phone (858-952-2279) or email (